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RYZIN is Money




Quick Glimpse as to who you're booking: 

RYZIN is an independent professional wrestler that has taken the world by storm thanks to his spine-chilling, animated, lively and exuberant character!


Having competed against some of the best wrestlers in the business he can guarantee high profiled match-ups, RYZIN has competed against key industry talent including ROH’s Kazarian and WWE superstar Matt Hardy in Ladder matches, as well as notable opponents, Rikishi Fatu, Colt Cabana, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Jerry Lynn and many more.


Colorado-born "Rob" RYZIN (who has now dropped the “Rob” from his name since becoming an Unholy Reverend to the masses)  is probably one of the best hidden stories from Colorado. He had a rough family life growing up and has basically lived on his own since he was about 16 but always used professional wrestling as his guiding light. He worked the independent pro wrestling scene for more than a decade, nearly died in a car wreck in Canada on a trip back from a weekend of Canadian wrestling. Serving as a wake-up call to make more of himself, he relocated to Orlando, FL, to pursue this career and further develop as an all-round sports entertainer. He is quite the raconteur when it comes to his life.


Since the move, Ryzin has appeared on WWE NXT television eight times, in matches against Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Tyler Breeze, TM61, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa to name a few. It’s his professionalism and skill that keep him on their radar. He has wrestled on an episode of iMPACT and he competed for the Grand Championship on his FIRST and ONLY appearance! In February of 2018 RYZIN was a part of an "invite only" WWE Tryout, as he awaits his fate from the largest sports entertainment company in the world he is actively pursuing other opportunities.


With 10+ years of experience, Ryzin is not only a well-rounded athletic wrestler, but is also an extremely charismatic character, who is dependable and reliable.


RYZIN's current persona has perhaps caught the most attention of any so far.  In his latest character alteration, a portrayal of the Devil or a Preacher of "Sin" which has possessed the body of “RYZIN” and needs to be “unleashed”.  An infernal mercenary, ready to wreak havoc, spit fire, drool black matter, and cause (promotional) disorder at any event, this is one addition to any event that simply cannot be missed.


RYZIN has continued to build up a huge following, with those who book his entertainment services benefiting from something of a promotional juggernaut. With a keen eye to add “extra value” for the event/promoters, Ryzin helps organizers to get the word out about his/her event, using promotional materials such as personalized videos and social media blasts leading up to the event.


When you book RYZIN, you book a spectacle, Decked out in outrageously flamboyant costumes and a wicked stage presence, RYZIN has fashioned himself as a captivating pro wrestler who will go the extra mile to promote and ignite your shows! The buzz that Ryzin creates around the events he is part of, is something that has huge positive and financial benefits, in addition to his professional yet outrageous approach.


Keen to exceed, rather than just meet expectations, Ryzin is an effective addition to any show.


Those interested in booking RYZIN for shows, events, appearances, speaking engagements, podcasts or finding out more, can contact him via Phone, Social Media or Fill Out the Contact Form BELOW: 

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